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  • Bembridge Mussels


    steamed with garlic, onions, cream & white wine

    Bembridge Mussels
  • Bembridge Oysters


    simply served on a bed of ice

    Bembridge Oysters
  • Scallop Mornay


    fresh scallops in a Welsh cheese sauce

    Scallop Mornay
  • Bembridge Dressed Crab


    salad garnish & lemon mayo

    Bembridge Dressed Crab
  • Calamari


    deep-fried & coated in flour & paprika, seasoned with lemon & Anglesey sea salt

  • Grilled Goats Cheese


    set on a crouton, roasted red peppers, beetroot chutney, balsamic reduction

    Grilled Goats Cheese